At NTT we aim to help with all elements of your fundraising and can work with you to develop tailor made campaigns. We talk to people, so if you have something to say to your existing or potential supporters then we can deliver that message on your behalf.

Individual Giving

We can recruit new regular givers as well as run campaigns to improve retention and improve lifetime value. We can take your supporters through their entire journey with your charity, with bespoke campaigns for each element.


We can grow your lottery programme by helping to recruit new lottery players for you, either people brand new to your charity or from your existing donors. We will work with you on retention strategies to ensure the lottery is a successful channel.


We work with community teams or national events teams to speak to participants, either before, during or after an event. This increases participation, improves the supporter experience and has a positive impact on future event registrations too.


Stewardship is a vital element of fundraising and receiving a thank you, welcome or gift aid call can help retain supporters in the long term and improve their lifetime value.


Our email facilities means that we can send emails before or after the call, and report on the effectiveness of these in terms of open rates, click throughs and so on. This gives a fully integrated approach to a fundraising campaign


Confirmation letters can be sent out by NTT, which reduces the workload for you.


We have integration with 6 of the key providers in the market to run PSMS call back campaigns and set up regular giving by SMS.


If you’d like your supporters to call us as part of a fundraising or awareness campaign, then we offer inbound call handling services which can integrate with your outbound or SMS campaigns too.

Digital Services

We can help you achieve your goals with Social Media Content, Moderation, Lead Generation, Creative & our bespoke Event Fundraising suite of tools. From Facebook to Tiktok, we can help you reach your supporters the way you want to.