Not your average call centre job

Fundraising is about inspiring people and giving them the opportunity to do something really amazing. How many people go home at the end of their working day knowing that the money they’ve generated is going to provide safe water for a few extra people, or will help preserve a few extra acres of rainforest and all the animals therein? How many people can say they’ve helped make the world a fairer place for people in the developing world, for older people, for deaf people, for children, for the homeless, for animals, for those that suffer injustice or difficulty in their lives?

The right people for the right job

People often need someone to make them sit up and take notice; to inspire them, to persuade them, to tell it like it is. NTT fundraisers can empower people, can tell people that they can do something to help, and that it is worth trying, and if it isn’t we might as well pack up now and leave it to the cockroaches. Our lively and welcoming team is built upon the solid foundation of experience held by our diverse mix of fundraisers ranging from 18 to over 60 years old. WE ARE LOOKING FOR ENERGISED AND CREATIVE PEOPLE TO JOIN OUR DYNAMIC TEAM ALONGSIDE SOME OF THE BEST FUNDRAISERS IN BRISTOL. 

We would love to hear from you if you have: A strong work ethic, resilience, a positive attitude and exceptional inter-personal skills. Though not essential, many of our staff additionally have a passion for charity, confidence, and are comfortable working in a target driven environment. Previous call-centre, sales or fundraising experience is absolutely non-essential.

"Fundraising is not about money, it’s about work that needs doing. If you start by asking for money you won’t get it and you won’t deserve it" Harold Sumption, Oxfam

What our staff are saying:

“NTT is a great place to work. Working for good causes is rewarding and fun and the performance leaders and coaches offer constant support and encouragement.” 

“Quite possibly the best place I have ever worked!”

“It’s a happy, friendly and fun atmosphere... we welcome anyone!” 

“The training and ongoing support provided through the experienced trainers and coaches is brilliant. They really care about your success and it shows.” 

“A sociable and friendly atmosphere, great rewards for doing well with plenty of training and opportunities. Plus it’s all for a good cause!”